“My wife and I have had the good fortune to have been introduced to the professional training services of John Reeg. I gladly recommend his program to anyone wishing to improve their health, fitness, and strength, with the careful P1010214attention toward safety. My wife has reduced her dress size five times while I have lost thirty pounds and increased muscle mass under John’s direction. I have greatly valued his time and management of my workout program.”
Dan Duffy, 53, architect


“For over a year John has provided me with training that is tailored to my needs and is making a difference in my life. As a senior citizen, I realize that good health is not only a matter of regular doctor and dentist visits but having a weekly exercise program is equally important. John makes me work hard, but never too hard. I am grateful for the opportunity to train with John Reeg.”
Mary Quill, 64, School Teacher

“I had hip replacement 9 months ago, and have been working with John for the past 9 months. After years of hip pain, my back had developed a curvature that chiropractic therapy had not been able to help. Postoperatively, DSC00141my training with John has helped improve my core strength, and improve the function of the muscles around my operated hip. I am walking straighter and my back is not as curved. I am very pleased with my progress so far and look forward to training with John each session.”
Gloria Ewerz, 58, Audiologist, ballet teacher

IMG_0961“I have trained with John for several years. One of the things I really appreciate about John is that he tries to keep my workouts interesting and always has new information for me regarding nutrition and the effectiveness of certain activities. John trained me before I got pregnant, during my pregnancy, and after I had my baby.. I credit my workouts as what kept me fit during my pregnancy, which helped make my pregnancy easier. After I had my baby, John eased me back into training and again made adjustments to my workouts to accommodate for the fact I had had a C-section. Only after a few months after having my baby, I have lost most of my baby weight. I know I couldn’t have done all this without John’s help”.
Sara Mitchell, 31, attorney

“Having been with many different trainers and physical therapists, John is the one who makes me want to workout on a regular basis and I am definitely getting stronger because of his help.IMG_0948 He is extremely knowledgeable and understands about my physical limitations after total hip replacement, and knows how far to push me and when to stop He is very professional as a person and a trainer. Being a single female over 65 years of age, I have no hesitation whatsoever to have John come into my home for personal training sessions.”
Jutta Preston, Artist, 67

I have been training with John Reeg for 9 months. I sought personal training due to a lower back condition and needed to strengthen my back as well as lose weight. Not only has my back become stronger, I have been able to A51lose 36 pounds with John’s nutritional guidance. I feel very comfortable working with John. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and professional. I had tried other trainers but I seemed to always end up hurt. There is no doubt that I would never have progressed this far without John’s assistance. I could not be more satisfied or positive in recommending John Reeg as a personal trainer in your home.”
Melissa Stevens, 34 Nursery School Teacher